Dominik Bucher

PhD Student, ETH Zurich
Geoinformation Engineering

About Me

I am Dominik, currently a doctoral student at the Chair of Geoinformation Engineering at ETH Zurich. Within the Mobility Information Engineering Lab, I am working at the intersection between computer science and geography, specifically targeting location-based systems and human movement and mobility.

Starting from GPS tracking technologies, as prominently used in the GoEco!, SBB Green Class I & II and SCCER Rideshare projects, we develop data structures, algorithms and methods to analyze, infer, predict and influence mobility behavior with the aim of making personal transportation more (ecologically) sustainable. Of particular interest are Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concepts, autonomous and interconnected vehicles, electric drivetrain technologies, and shared mobility systems, as they all might well form cornerstones of our future mobility.

Our research is embedded within the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER) Mobility where we are primarily involved in the capacity area "Systems for Sustainable Mobility". As part of our research in collaboration with the Swiss Data Science Center, we develop a comprehensive set of context-aware mobility mining tools, focusing on cutting-edge machine learning methods, such as graph convolutional networks or probabilistic graph algorithms. You can find more about this research on our lab's GitHub page, as well as on my personal GitHub page.

Next to this research, I personally focus on search for spatio-temporal and volatile information (with respect to transport), such as finding a potential carpooling partner or a shared taxi in vicinity. As part of this research, I am developing transport ontologies, which are then integrated with various personalized graph routing systems to create more advanced support for our everyday transport needs.

My research interests cover:

  • Location Based Services and Search
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Graph and Routing Algorithms
  • Machine Learning, Big Data and Stream Processing for Mobiltiy and Movement Data
  • Gamified and Persuasive Systems
  • Semantics, Ontologies and Linked Data

I am also involved in a number of projects and startups which you can find under Projects.


Since January 2015: ETH Zurich, Switzerland - PhD Student in Geoinformation Engineering

2014: ETH Zurich, Switzerland - MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

2013: University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - MSc Thesis in Bioinformatics

2011: ETH Zurich, Switzerland - BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

2010: University of California, Berkeley, USA - Visiting Scholar